Assignment C


Sound clip analysis

First segment of music about the supernatural (0s to 3.7s)
Color palette: Cool colors cycling/pulsing on/off from left to right to match the cycling of the stereo in the clip.
Placement of key light: the key lights will be blue and green for the cycling. The lights on the chandelier may change colors in a cycling pattern.

Second segment of music asking where is Scooby Doo (3.8s to 7.6 s)
Color palette: warm colors: Brown face of Scooby, orange and yellow flowers as found on the Mystery Machine.
Placement of key light: a spot on the moving face of Scooby.

Third segment of music - dance beat (7.1 s to 15s)
Color palette: mixed warm and cool colors
Placement of key light: A spot with a silouette of a dancing Scooby Doo.

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