Assignment 1

Lighting for time of day and mood

Color palette: Outdoors will be almost midday, 5500-6000 Kelvin temperature, shifted toward bluish white. Indoors the walls will mostly be white or close to it. Perfect day. Clear blue sky with light fluffy clouds.
Value range: wide, shadows will be filled well.
Placement of key light: outdoors the sun will be the key light - a single point source placed far from room on the same side as one of the windows and slightly above the level of the window. The light will be strong and cast a hard edged image of the window on the wall or floor.

Color palette: golden or warm indoor lights and blue dusk outside
Value range: shifted toward the shadows. Corners far away from the key light will be deep.
Placement of key light: I would like one strong light source inside the room opposite one of the windows. It will be a tungsten lamp of some sort.

Mood Lighting
Color palette: magenta and blue with accents of gold. Romantic, Vibrant.
Value range: shifted toward shadows, outside will be black night
Placement of key light: The key light or strongest will be pinkish-white and aimed at some subject in the room. Background light will be cool blue. Some other prop in the room can be accented with a gold light.

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