COTA 753: Animation Production
Sp 2003, Instructor: Maria Palazzi
Heather Caprette - Week Five Report

Progress: Rotated Eyes more forward. Rotated top horns outward. Rotated nostrils. Lowered skin on beak. Rotated edges around horns. Added skin ridge at base of head horns - face and shield. Rotated front horn above the beak more forward to match illustration. Added hoove detail. Got rid of 4 triangles and 2 pentagons in the head. Added Tongue. Created Nurbs eyes with Aim Constraint on Locators. Created eye lids and ramp color for eyes. Had to push vertices on existing head backward for eye. 30.5 Hours on model this week.

Needs creasing once converted to Sub D. May need teeth.

Below are renders of different views of the Sub D Model.

Below are renders of the polygon model.