COTA 753: Animation Production
Sp 2003, Instructor: Maria Palazzi
Heather Caprette - Week Four Report

Progress: Detail added to Polygon body model - more edges added around joints. Toes adjusted more forward. Elbows turned slightly outward. Head attached to Polygon body. Nonmanifold geometry cleaned up and five and three sided faces. Head had to be adjusted alot: there were 7 pentagons and 5 triangles which had to be changed to quads, shield angle adjusted, horns raised and curved forward more, lower beak narrowed, detail added on front shield. Vertices were snapped to axis before mirroring geometry, but many vertices did not join along the seam. Had to go over it again and again and merge vertices. Must be a bug in Maya that caused vertices to not merge when selected and told to do so. They were discovered when the model was converted to Sub D. I converted it to Sub D many times before finally getting a Sub D that had no holes. I've begun creasing edges on the Sub D model to add detail.

Below are renders of different views of the Sub D Model.

Details still needed are a tongue, hooves on toes, adjustment to the beak and narrowing of the middle of the face in width and height.