COTA 753: Animation Production
Sp 2003, Instructor: Maria Palazzi
Heather Caprette - Week Six Report


Below are renders of the current SubD model. Note, Maya locked up about three times trying to render these. I had to restart the program. This seems to happen on the computers at ACCAD as well as my computer at home. Specs on my computer are: P4 2.53GHz processor, 1 Gig of DDR 3200 RAM, 128 MB Video RAM on a 3D Labs Wildcat VP 900 - 8X AGP, 180 Gigabyte Hard drive. I'm wondering if this is a bug in Maya that might make rendering SubDs a pain later.


Smoothed Polygon Model Renders are Below. Used Exponential, Continuity = 1, Sub Division Level = 1 in options. Note: These rendered much faster than the Sub D models above and Maya did not lock up.