COTA 753: Animation Production
Sp 2003, Instructor: Maria Palazzi
Heather Caprette - Week One Report

Was Triceratop's stance erect or semi-erect?
It was definitely not sprawled like older representations.

From the Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs: Ceratopsian trackways indicate that the hands were separated by two hand widths from one another; hindfeet nearly touched midline.

Below is an illustration from Dinosaur Tracks by Lockley and Hunt, 1995. The tracks are those from the Laramie formation.

Note: the illustration above shows very little padding on the front foot tracks compared to the back feet tracks. This is opposite of what is represented in the Smithsonian's sculpture.

Below is an illustration of 4 different Ceratopsian tracks from Dinosaur Tracks by Tony Thulborn, 1990

Still a controversy:
Excerpt from The Complete Dinosaur by Farlow and Brett-Surman, 1997

Tom Hetherington's pick shows a semi-erect stance:

View 3-D model from Maya