Project 1

Planning and Storyboard for Motion Capture of a Dog

The motion capture space will be approximately 15 ft x 15 ft. Frame rate will be 29.97 fps. The main character is a healthy large breed dog. Shot 4 will require the addition of a staircase with markers placed at corners and one to signify which side is which. A non markered human, the dog's owner, will lead the dog around the motion capture area. I'll choose one of these to animate in Maya for the final project.

Shot 1: Calibration Stance
I will try to capture the dog in a neutral standing pose. The feet will all be on the floor. There will be a slight distance between the front feet, and between the back feet.

Shot 2: Dog walking within and around the perimeter of motion capture area
I'll have the owner lead the dog on a leash around the perimeter of the motion capture area. The owner will not be markered.

Shot 3: Dog trotting within and around the perimeter of motion capture area
Same as above, but I'll have the owner jog with the dog on a leash. The owner will not be markered.


Shot 4: Dog climbing up and going down stair steps
I will build a stair case out of packaged pine bedding for animals. Each package is 5 cubic feet. I'll have the dog climb up and then climb down the other side. The stair case will be markered in addition to the dog. The staircase will be placed in the center of the motion capture area.


Shot 5: Dog playing with ball
This shot will be flexible and open to whatever play behaviour I can capture. The dog will be the only thing markered. I can create a ball separately within Maya if I choose to animate this shot.

Illustrations of dog in shots 1-3, and 5 are from Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis, copyright 1986. Illustrations by Robert W. Cole.

Marker Locations
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