Project 1

Marker File for Motion Capture of a Dog
Below is the marker file for the dog alone

LFHD Left front head
RFHD Right front head
C1 Base of skull

T1 Base of neck
T12 Curve of back
MANU Manubrium
RIBS Base of rib cage
LRIB Left side of ribs
RRIB Right side of ribs

LSCP Left scapula
LMSP Left mid scapula
LHHD Left humeral head
LUPF Left upper foreleg
LFEL Left front elbow
LSEL Left side elbow
LPSA Left pastern inner side
LPSB Left pastern outer side
LFPW Left front paw

RSCP Right scapula
RMSP Right mid scapula
RHHD Right humeral head
RUPF Right upper foreleg
RFEL Right front elbow
RSEL Right side elbow
RPSA Right pastern inner side
RPSB Right pastern outer side
RFPW Right front paw

SAC Sacrum
LILC Left iliac
RILC Right iliac

LFHD Left femoral head
LUPB Left upper back leg
LFSF Left front stifle
LSSF Left side stifle
LMTB Left mid tibia
LHCA Left hock inner side
LHCB Left hock outer side
LBPW Left back paw

RFHD Right femoral head
RUPB Right upper back leg
RFSF Right front stifle
RSSF Right side stifle
RMTB Right mid tibia
RHCA Right hock inner side
RHCB Right hock outer side
RBPW Right back paw

PTAL Proximal tail
MTAL Middle tail
DTAL Distal tail

Head = LFHD, RFHD, C1
Root = T1, T12, MANU, RIBS, LRIB, RRIB

LeftScapula = LSCP, LMSP, LHHD
LeftUpperForeLeg = LHHD, LUPF, LFEL, LSEL
LeftLowerForeLeg = LFEL, LSEL, LPSA, LPSB
LeftFrontPaw = LPSA, LPSB, LFPW

RightScapula = RSCP, RMSP, RHHD
RightUpperForeLeg = RHHD, RUPF, RFEL, RSEL
RightLowerForeLeg = RFEL, RSEL, RPSA, RPSB
RightFrontPaw = RPSA, RPSB, RFPW

Pelvis = SAC, LILC, RILC

LeftUpperBackLeg = LFHD, LUPB, LFSF, LSSF
LeftBackPaw = LHCA, LHCB, LBPW

RightUpperBackLeg = RFHD, RUPB, RFSF, RSSF
RightLowerBackLeg = RFSF, RSSF, RMTB, RHCA, RHCB
RightBackPaw = RHCA, RHCB, RBPW


Head, Root
Root, LeftScapula
LeftScapula, LeftUpperForeLeg
LeftUpperForeLeg, LeftLowerForeLeg
LeftLowerForeLeg, LeftFrontPaw
Root, RightScapula
RightScapula, RightUpperForeLeg
RightUpperForeLeg, RightLowerForeLeg
RightLowerForeLeg, RightFrontPaw
Root, Pelvis
Pelvis, Tail
Pelvis, LeftUpperBackLeg
LeftUpperBackLeg, LeftLowerBackLeg
LeftLowerBackLeg, LeftBackPaw
Pelvis, RightUpperBackLeg
RightUpperBackLeg, RightLowerBackLeg
RightLowerBackLeg, RightBackPaw

File for dog plus staircase
Marker Locations

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