Survey of Visual Preferences for Learning about Canine Gait

The purpose of this survey is to assess student preference for visuals that teach about gait. It will assess how helpful motion capture vs. video is for learning about gait. You will be presented with three pages of questions. It should take approximately 20-30 minutes. Please answer them and then hit the submit button. The submit button will take you to the next page in the survey. You may quit at anytime without penalty. If you run out of time to finish, you may come back to the survey and skip to the question that you left off on, or bookmark it in your browser. Completion of this quiz is voluntary. By submitting your answers, you agree to their use in this research project. If you have any questions about the survey, you can contact Heather Caprette at or Jonathan Dyce, D.V.M. at 292-3551.





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