Process documentation for TELR Courseware Development Grant project
Canine lameness learning module by Dr. Jonathan Dyce, Veterinary Medicine and Heather Caprette, Visual Communication Design

Our goal is to create a learning module for veterinary medical students to learn about lameness in dogs. Diagnosing lameness is a very difficult task. Often the wrong limb or joint is specified as the problem. We intend to use optical motion capture to record the movement of dogs with various hind limb lamenesses. This motion capture data will then be imported into Maya 4. A 3-d model showing the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments involved with a particular lameness will be attached to a kinematic skeleton of the motion capture data. We'll export the animated illustrations from various perspectives as movie files for the web. These movies will be accompanied with text and/or narration.

The Marker Set:


In the Motion Capture Studio:

Digital Video of dog trotting outside - note this will be done in a studio for final project:

Quicktime movie, 3886 Kb

Cleaned mo-cap data in Workstation:

Quicktime movie, 7080 Kb

A kinematic skeleton created in Diva:

Quicktime movie, 1194 Kb

A 3-d model attached to the motion capture skeleton:

Quicktime movie, 223 Kb

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