COTA 762: Building 3-D Virtual Environments
Wi 2003, Instructor: Peter Gerstmann

Assignemt 6: Final - view the wrl file

The texture maps:


I would like to realistically texture all of the geometry I made for Assignment 5, and add labels that will become activated when a structure is rolled over. The purpose of the project is to create a learning object which Veterinary medical students can use to review the anatomy of the knee. I would like to have it become part of the motion capture learning module I am creating for my Master's thesis.

As my reference material, I am looking at the ink drawings within "Miller's Anatomy of the Dog", and also at photographs of muscle, tendons, ligaments, and bones found in Rohen and Yakochi's "Color Atlas of Anatomy." I'll scan as much as I can, and use Photoshop to paint the rest of the textures. Since I am worried about the file size, once all of these textures are added, I may leave out any extra lights beyond the headlight.

View an example which is similar to what I want to do. (Flash Player file).

Frontal, Lateral, Medial, and Back viewpoints will be set up.

My goal is simply to get some means of indicating what a structure is. I first thought that I would have invisible labels that would become visible when a structure is clicked on. However, alternately, I can have all of the labels visible and lined up along the sides of the knee. When a label is clicked on, then the structure would become "highlighted" or go through a color change.


First, I'll need to lay out all of the UVs into a map/maps that will make it easy for me to texture in Photoshop. This could take up to 20 hours, sicne it took me 17 hours to create the UV maps for my butterfly in assignment 2.

Second, I'll need to scan the textures that I find in Rohen and Yakochi. These of course, will need rubber stamping, and offsets. I may try to create a bone like texture with a filter in Photoshop. This may take 5-10 hours, I eastimate.

Third, I'll need to go back into Maya, and apply the textures. Also, I'll need to create planes for the labels with textures that have the text baked in.

Fourth, Re-export the scene as VRML.

Fifth, go through the code that Maya spits out and clean it up.

Six, add this code to the backbone structure of my assignment 5 script.

Seventh, figure out how to code the labels in VRML.

Hopefully by the end of Sunday, March 16th, I'll have the UV maps made, and textures created. Then I can spend the next four days working with the VRML code.