COTA 762: Building 3-D Virtual Environments
Wi 2003, Instructor: Peter Gerstmann

Assignemt 1: Navigable Environment - View .WRL file

I chose a river scene for my navigable environment. It is approximately 100 meters long.

Below is a rendered snap shot from Maya of the scene as well as the texture maps:

Rendered Snap Shot of Scene

SkyDome texture map

Left Bank texture map

Right Bank texture map

River texture map

Rock texture map

Tree texture map

Logged hours put in on this project:

Thursday 1-30-03 9pm-12am (3hrs)
Friday 1-31-03: 10pm-1:30am (3.5hrs)
Saturday 2-1-03: 11:30am-1:30pm (2 hrs)
2:15pm-3:35pm (1hr 20min)
4:30pm-4:35am on Sunday (12hrs 5 min)
Wednesday 2-5-03: 12am-1:30am (1hr 30 min)
2am-2:50am (50 min)
Wednesday Night 2-5-03: 8pm-3:10am Thursday morning (6 hrs 10 min)

Current subtotal of hours put into the project: 30 hours and 25 minutes.