COTA 762: Building 3-D Virtual Environments
Wi 2003, Instructor: Peter Gerstmann

Assignemt 4: Animation and Sound - View .WRL file

I chose to animate my butterfly from assignment #2. I separated the upperwings from the body in order to animate them. The lower wings were created separate from the body already. Orientation Interpolators were used to rotate the wings about the body. I used the "attribute editor" within my Maya scene, to determine the placement of my pivot point, and thus come up with a "center" value for a transform on each wing shape.

There is a stream flowing as a background ambient noise, and as you get closer, you can here the wings flapping.

One major problem I had was with the lower right wing, which was "mirrored" geometry (of the lower left wing) within the Maya scene. I struggled with different attempts to fix it, but it still remains flipped 180 degrees about the x axis.

Another problem is that the wings flap as soon as you enter the vrml scene, not when you get within the 15 meter proximity sensor. I'm just happy that I got the wings to flap.

Logged hours put in on this project:

Teusday 2-11-03 11am-2:30pm (3.5 hrs)
Tuesday 2-11-03: 6:30pm-7pm (.5hrs)
Tuesday 2-11-03: 7:30pm-8:30pm (1 hr)
Tuesday to Wednesday night: 9:00 pm-2:00am (5 hrs)
Wednesday 2-12-03: 7pm-8:45pm (1hr 45min)
Wednesday to Thursday night :2-12-03 to 2-13-03: 10pm - 1:45 am (3hrs 45min)
Current subtotal of hours put into the project:15 hours and 30 minutes.